Accounts & Tax Returns– Whatever your structure is (sole trader, partnership, limited company, limited liability partnership or any other), you will need to have accounts prepared and filed with HM Revenue and Customs with the related Tax Returns. For Limited companies or Limited liability partnerships the accounts must be filed with the Companies House also.

Payroll- Businesses employing individuals are required to operate a payroll scheme and be up-to-date with all the rules relating to it. Most of our clients leave this to us so that they can concentrate on running their business rather than worrying about payroll.

Bookkeeping- All businesses have to keep books and records up to date to enable them to make suitable business decisions. Some of our clients do their in house bookkeeping but most of our smaller clients tend to pass all the records to us to take the worry out from their life.

VAT- Value added tax affects every business that is required to register for VAT based on the relevant VAT limit. These returns are usually done quarterly and it is vital the correct amount of VAT is charged, claimed and accounted to the HMRC.